Interactive Session 5: Feminist perspectives to enhance global partnerships

Day: Thursday
Time: 15:00 - 16:30
Location: McGill University
Room: C-201


  • Feminist perspectives to enhance global audio and music partnerships



Drawing upon Cowan (1987)’s emphasis on the user to determine the success or failure of technologies, this session will engage researchers to reflect upon the need to involve more non-academic touring musicians and renown sound engineers/producers coming from diverse cultural backgrounds in empirical and practice-based projects. One focus of the exchanges will be to bridge gaps between the fields of audio engineering and music technology to develop experimental procedures and design processes that are relevant to music industry practitioners in terms of sound quality, artistic vision, and social identity. When appropriate, I will give examples of theoretical frameworks, approaches, and methodologies that were applied to conduct recent studies, some of them with CIRMMT members*, to successfully bridge these gaps (Bauer et al., in press; Pras et al., 2021) and challenge the patriarchal structures (Brooks et al., 2021; McNally & Pras, 2021) and European concepts of modernity and innovation (Olivier & Pras, forthcoming) that rule our fields. Eventually, we will discuss the feasibility, impact, and equity, diversity and inclusion considerations of collaborative ideas for international and interdisciplinary partnerships that will arise during the session.