Workshop 2: The expansion of sound spatialization in MMR

Day: Friday
Time: 09:00 - 10:30
Location: McGill University
Room: MMR


  • The expansion of sound spatialization in MMR: Thinking signals and spatial variation



How can we maximize sound diffusion or immersion with 12, 16, 64 or X channels? By playing with the inter-channel differences of like timbres shared between all channels. Not enough to just talk about it? No problem. During the workshop, we explore the perspectives of sound immersion through listening and demonstrations using the 64 MMR loudspeakers. Thus, rather than using paths or sound field reproduction approaches (Ambisonics, or Wave Field Synthesis, for example), we will use variations in the fine details of the signals per loudspeaker on a micro or macro scale, with free and accessible software, as a kind of homemade spatial synthesis.