Interactive Session 10: 3D Music Production

Day: Friday
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Location: McGill University
Room: C-201/Studio 22


  • 3D Music Production



Denis Martin will lead an interactive session on 3D Music Production. We will begin with a short introduction to the delivery formats currently used in major music releases and the availability of 3D audio experiences to consumers. Dolby Atmos (Apple Spatial Audio), Sony 360 Reality Audio, and Auro3D.

After, the session will proceed with an interactive Q&A involving a panel of instructors and students from the Sound Recording area. The Q&A is open in its direction, but could include how composers, performers, and others in CIRMMT see these developments affecting their work and research opportunities, and where they see benefits and applications. We can also discuss technologies, recording and post-production approaches, challenges, and limitations.

The session will conclude with an optional listening session involving student and faculty 3D music productions in Sound Recording’s Studio 22 on the -2 floor of the Wirth Music Building.

Participants attending this session will hopefully come away with an understanding of the potentials and limitations of the technology, with an aural experience of 3D Music over a reference quality sound system, and inspiration to incorporate mainstream 3D audio technologies into music research and productions.