Sidney Fels

Sidney Fels


Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC)

University of British Columbia


Sid Fels: (Prof, ECE, British Columbia, 1998-); PhD (CS, Toronto, 1994); MSc (CS, Toronto 1990); BASc (EE, Waterloo, 1988): Sid is a Distinguished University Scholar at UBC (2004-) and Director of the Human Communication Technologies Lab. He was a visiting researcher at ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan (1996-1997). He worked at Virtual Technologies Inc. in CA (1995). He is internationally known for his work in human-computer interaction, biomechanical modeling, neural networks, new interfaces for musical expression and interactive arts with over 400 scholarly publications. He is a member of CIRMMT’s International Advisory Board. Since 2017, he holds the Dolby Professorship and Midnet Professorship in Digital Multimedia at UBC.

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