CIRMMT-OICRM-BRAMS Student Colloquium (COBS)

The first day of the conference is comprised of the COBS Student Colloquium.

For more information, please visit the COBS website:

About COBS

The COBS Student Colloquium is an annual student-led event organized by CIRMMT, BRAMS (International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research), and OICRM (Observatoire Interdisciplinaire de Création et de Recherche en Musique at Université de Montréal) focusing on the intersection between music, sound, and science. The Student Committees of these institutions will organize an interdisciplinary symposium comprising a keynote presentation by an outstanding professional on a related topic, and student presentations on their current research topics. Research areas may include music education and learning, musicology and politics, instruments, biomechanics and performance, perception and psychology, and creative musical practices. COBS serves as an exchange opportunity for students associated with these centres to share their work with peers, engage in open discussions, explore further possibilities through their colleagues’ input, and learn about related research from other institutions. In June 2021, COBS hosted over 60 attendees during the full-day online symposium.